Sunday, 15 June 2014

War escalates.

In 2003 we organised a day of prayer in our local church here on the Roseland. We advertised it badly. Apart from announcing it during Sunday services it was mostly word of mouth...

The day was of course to pray that we did not use military force in Iraq.

Amazingly it was well attended. One of us was there all through the day and people never usually seen in church turned up to light a candle and to sit in silent prayer.

Of course it failed to stop the invasion.

The partnership between Blair and Bush went ahead with bombing and toppling Sadam Hussein. The weapons of mass destruction were never found...

Blair today has said that the civil war in Iraq was planned in Syria. Nothing to do with our invasion at all!

None of us will ever know the truth of any of it but I look back to the days when interfering with the internal running of a country was rare, America was not policing the world, and this country did not send our young men to fight in distant countries.

The thought that maybe what we did last time may have contributed to the present situation can not be proved. But most of us would I think be horrified by any military intervention by the USA or us in Iraq.

One man throws a stone. The other man throws two....war escalates, takes on it's own momentum...please can we learn from past mistakes Lord?

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