Monday, 21 July 2014

Ancient churches.

Despite all the indications to the contrary yesterday was a good day! Both the church's I visited were exceptionally beautiful.

Here we have churches dedicated to the Cornish saints who were in fact from Ireland and set up small cells both here and in Brittany , arriving in their coracles and building what were hermitages that later grew into tiny chapels.

I am not sure why the first church I visited was's away from the sea and even the river is about a mile away. When full it only holds about 40 people but it is exquisite. It's beauty is kept alve by the love of those who care for it and who worship there weekly.

By contrast the church at St Just in Roseland holds about 150.....but is just as beautiful. Standing on a tiny creek protected by a sandbar it is a much cherished spot for weddings and of course christenings.

Yesterday it was full. The christening party plus lots of summer visitors meant that we had to rush to put out extra wafers and wine...

I got through it with the help of pain killers , read the banns for the next couple to marry there, christened the babies and sang the Addison service with the help of a wonderful organist who had never played it before!

Coming home I just collapsed in a heap, slept for 12 hours and am now feeling very much better...

The churches were a delight as were the is a great privilege to be able to do what I did yesterday and today the pain has receded, leaving just a shadow of it behind. Alleluia!


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