Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Busy Monday!

I woke up to bad news all round. Bombing has started in Gaza again. South East Britain has had the massive flash floods that I remember so well from my time in Essex.

Looking out of my window here I see an idyllic landscape, looking down over a meadow to the sea with wonderful views of Falmouth.

The hotel we visited at the weekend after I had done the service in the village earlier had suffered the loss of a terrace during the winter. It's hard to remember now the force of the terrible winter storms...this was a stern reminder.

There is bad news all around....and yet somehow the human condition thrives. Our summer visitors have arrived in great numbers... Getting to the crematorium yesterday was a fairly lengthy process...but once there I saw old friends in abundance...dog walking friends, swimming friends, people to eat or drink with in the old days before the church got me.

I did it all without weeping...got home and found that David's gravestone is now in place so that brought some tears naturally.

It's not too hot here....there is always breeze, often a gale...but it remains a comfortable safe haven of peace and tranquility for which I am very grateful....it's just the rest of the world I worry about!


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