Friday, 4 July 2014

Electric wine openers!

Amongst the smaller problems I have had to solve since losing David is what to do about the wine!

His sons helped with the bulk of it but I am occasionally faced with the problem of actually getting the cork out of the bottle!

I chatted to the young man who drove me to the airport and he advised an electic bottle opener....ahem.

It arrived this morning and is very smart...sleek..slim.

I found some old wine that I had brought with me when we got married and I found that David had never touched it. Considering that I had the Sunday Times wine club delivering whilst he had Laithwaites which turned out to be the same company this was very fastidious of him so I got one out...very dusty, not valuable and already about ten years old.

It was going to be my guinea pig!

The opener was charged...I read the instructions and started. Of course it all went horribly wrong....

The cork was hard...old and not willing to be pierced.

I persevered...this new gadget was supposed to make life easier!

Eventually it got half the cork out....I reverted to the none trendy actual corkscrew to get the other half out.... Down the hatch etc...

It's not a bad little wine...certainly not corked or anything... As red wines go it's fine....but have I just wasted money on something that doesn't work? Will I always have trouble and have to revert to the corkscrew every time?

Is it just that the cork had got too hard? But hey...wines do their corks must age with them...

Answers on a postcard please.....


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