Monday, 14 July 2014

Equality matters.


Over twenty years ago , on the day my husband came home early from work he found me in tears.

"What's the matter?"

"Synod has just voted to allow women to be priested."

"Why does that make you cry?"

"Because it's too late for me. "

I was then in my fifties....of course it was too late. So yesterday's decision is not in any way personal for me.

I became a priest already in my sixties thanks to a very kind meant that I was finally able to answer a call first felt in my youth.

For women pursuing a career in the church this is wonderful news, not because they have personal ambition but because they can now, for the first time be equal...

Equality matters. If when you take up your calling you know that you will always be a second class priest it makes a difference to who you are and how you perceive yourself. To be aware that you are now on a par with men is a wonderful feeling even when you are aware that your own limitations are many.....

I know that this will be the topic on most church peoples minds today....but my own experience of finding my vocation realised is so central to my core that it needed to be repeated yet again.

This should not though be a time for mere should be one of prayer...some thanksgiving but also compassion for those who will be hurt by this decision.

I am weeping again today...knowing what being ordained meant to me...and still does Alleluia!


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