Saturday, 5 July 2014

First BCP service.

I had a fairly restless night aware that if I was to be in church to do the eight o'clock I had to be up by seven. It was always David's job to get me up.

I set the alarms on my iPhone and my would be a belt and braces job!

They both went off on time!

Which was just as well after a night of worrying .

Don't ask me why I was filled with anxiety...I've done it hundreds of times...but I was...

I remembered the first time ever. It was a BCP service. I was newly priested. No one had given me any help or words of advice......

David was there as church warden, we were yet to become friends! I was a rookie. He was helpful and kind....only much later did I realise how many mistakes I made!

He'll be there in spirit this morning I know....and hopefully there will be no mistakes...


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