Saturday, 5 July 2014

First BCP service.

I had a fairly restless night aware that if I was to be in church to do the eight o'clock I had to be up by seven. It was always David's job to get me up.

I set the alarms on my iPhone and my would be a belt and braces job!

They both went off on time!

Which was just as well after a night of worrying .

Don't ask me why I was filled with anxiety...I've done it hundreds of times...but I was...

I remembered the first time ever. It was a BCP service. I was newly priested. No one had given me any help or words of advice......

David was there as church warden, we were yet to become friends! I was a rookie. He was helpful and kind....only much later did I realise how many mistakes I made!

He'll be there in spirit this morning I know....and hopefully there will be no mistakes...



  1. Even if there are mistakes, what does it matter? People will just be glad to see you back in action Jean.

  2. BCP is perhaps like riding a bike, Familiar actions and words, nearly known by heart. I'm sure you were fine. I thought of you at our BCP this morning and said a swift prayer that you'd come through the other end with flying colours. And lovely short epistle and gospel as well.

  3. It was ok mostly though it had its moments...I now have a fairly full diary for the rest of the week....