Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Five a day?

I am not keen on vegetables....from a former vegetarian that sounds an astonishing statement but it is true.

I do eat veg of course but I'm pretty choosy. As for five a day , words actually fail me on this one. That the idea took hold with anyone amazes me...does anybody actually think through their food intake every day to make sure they do have five?

I suppose my reluctance to eat sprouts, cabbage, broccoli and the like comes from my grandma whose determination to give me a good healthy diet through the war meant that I was not allowed to leave the table until every scrap of food was eaten.

Since losing two husbands who ate huge quantities of veg I have become even more appetite is small now. There is a limit to how much bulk I can hold in the shrinking stomach so I shock people I eat with sometimes by leaving great lumps of cauliflower, broccoli etc on my plate!

I do like some veg of course....onions, leeks, carrots , mushrooms, tomatoes, most salad ingredients...anything in a's the par boiled, semi raw stuff that I can't cope with.

I also eat a lot of fruit....I'm not sure if they are included in the five.....

I am still not cooking much since David died...ready dinners fill the gap but not cooking huge quantities of veg any more suits me...and as for five a day.....forget it...

I end every meal with fruit...especially all the glorious fruit we've had during this wonderful summer!

I think I'm reasonably healthy....but not by eating great quantities of almost raw vegetables. If I am going to eat them they had better be cooked!

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