Sunday, 27 July 2014


Licenses are being granted this week for firms to engage in fracking. Shale gas is hot news, supposed to renew our energy capacity. Electricity fuelled by shale gas would be much cheaper than the dwindling stocks of coal, another fossil fuel.

Everything I've read on this subject suggest that far from being the answer to our energy requirements it could lead to appalling environmental risks.

The villages affected in Lacashire are certain that they have suffered earth tremors, since the trial exploration.

We are obviously consuming massive amounts of energy. All those of us enjoying the benefits of IT technology would be the first to start shouting if our electricity was in short supply but to fill our small island with pockets of the machinery needed to extract shale gas seems a step too far fuelled by big business yet again whose main interest is in making money.

Here where I live is an area of outstanding natural beauty. We are in no danger of suffering the effects of fracking, except in exceptional circumstances.....the problem lies in the interpretation of the guide lines. Big business has a bad reputation in this area.

Surely it's now time to allow the solar panels and the wind mills to proliferate.

Those of us living by the sea who watch the huge strength in the tidal flow can not understand why more research is not being done to harness it.

Investing in green energy makes much more sense to me than extracting shale gas by forcing water through rock!

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