Sunday, 13 July 2014


Internet scams are getting slightly easier to spot!

Having said that I'm afraid I did fall for one yesterday. However I realised that it was not right almost immediately I'm now feeling very foolish.

It was a request from iTunes to confirm my least that was what it looked like. As I'd had some trouble buying an app earlier I assumed it to be the result of my messing about!

The email came late at night. I was in bed...there was no way I would have got up to look for card details.

I forgot about it till I was on my way home from church. As it had told me that I should do it in the next fifty hours I got on with it...filled in all my credit card details, drew the line at my social security number, wondering in passing what on earth they needed that for...oh dear....more haste less speed as my Grandma would have said!

After I'd sent it I did what I should have done to start with...I looked at where it had come from.

It was from . Spelling mistakes are always likely to be picked up by an old English teacher....

I googled it. I lead me straight to a scammer page...

Feeling very foolish I acted immediately ..I had the card harm done except to my self esteem!

The bank were messing about....just cancelled it straight away!

So hopefully it's all going to be ok apart from a very bruised ego.. However....take care out there chaps....the scammers are out!


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