Thursday, 24 July 2014

Summer heat.

It's almost August, it's hot and we are just about full!

Cornwall, the British riviera is aptly named on these occasions. This spell of hot weather has brought back memories of summers spent frolicking on beaches, building sand castles with toddlers, surfing with teenagers, camping out in times of financial hardship.....this, right here, right now is where the desire to live here grew into actuality.

Golden memories of happy times, eating out, drinking cool drinks in the evening after a day in the sun.....wonderful romps with various dogs as well as children....all activated by a prolonged spell of sunshine...

Of course there is a downside.

Our roads are narrow, the visitors are often unaware of the etiquette of the passing places...tempers rise in heat, angry words are spoken .

The main problem occurs every year . The parents of teenage children know their offspring are safe here....and so they are, it's not a false hope but it does mean that during the long hot nights the visiting adolescents are free from parental control.

In some villages this can be very trying for the residents.. There is a tendency to get behind the barriers and stay out of sight. It's harder to stay out of sound though and occasionally it all boils over on these wonderfully hot nights.

It's a short season thankfully and none of us would actually want to prevent teenagers from enjoying themselves but it's one reason why David and I chose to live well out of town!

Up here the sound of drunken revelry is only in the memory....

Venturing into the villages is kept to the minimum during this season...negotiating the clusters of people standing on the roads is very bad for the blood pressure...

We value our summer visitors, the same people turn up year after year , many become real friends, but it is an exercise in tolerance, loving each other can be hard work at times....but grateful thanks for the hot summer are being offered up everywhere.....thank you God!

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