Saturday, 26 July 2014

Super slow broadband!

I had forgotten just how slow my broadband gets in the holiday season. Cornwall does have superfast now and I regret that I don't! It is one of the penalties of living in a rural spot!
Obviously our visitors have to use broadband during the holiday season and this dilutes it dreadfully.....
What takes seconds now takes minutes. I have accepted it with reasonable equanimity in previous years. I have found times when everyone's either out or in bed but it's still superslow!
Before the current onslaught arrived my broadband seemed faster....I assumed that the remaining broadband was shared by fewer now I have to assume the opposite I think...though I could be wrong!
Yesterday my usual grocery shop which usually takes me about quarter of an hour took at least an hour...
I gave up looking at a sales offer from one of the big stores....
I have to learn patience once more...I lose the connection playing backgammon which is very frustrating for my opponents....
It's going to be like this now for at least six weeks. It will do me no harm to go back old broadband speeds....that's what I'm trying to believe anyway!


  1. Any prospect of using 3g broadband instread of the phone line?

    I use it all of the time and it's well fast enough for me.

    1. I can only use 3G with my phone....which is great but for something's there is just not enough room!

  2. With all the hype tgat BT have been spouting over the past year one would have thought that SFBB is ubiquitous in Cornwall. Why should you miss out because you are in a rural area? I thought the council and BT had a few million from the UK and EU governments to address that. Are you saying that's not happened?

    1. They have been trying to link up the smaller groups of houses....I just happen to be in a group of only two homes . They say we will get it....just no idea when....