Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The killing fields.

Usually in summer heat there is a sort of go slow of news. Headlines involve daring , revealing clothes, celebrities antics, new royal babies , the good news of trivia whilst people prepare for a long hot August!

A quick look at this mornings headlines reveal much horror, death, destruction and everyone shouting at very one else....the blame game has started in earnest.

Did the aeroplane get shot down as a result of arms we sold to Russia?

The appalling fighting over the Gaza Strip of land shows dreadful sights every day of children dying, parents in mourning, fighting renewed despite all calls for a ceasefire.

Hand to hand fighting of the sort used in the First World War is no longer employed....high tech missiles send explosives that do massive damage on impact!

It ceases to matter who is right and who is wrong, who we support, which side God is on...until recently I understood why Jews fought to protect their territory. After the horrors of the last war we all felt the need to support the newly formed Jewish nation.

Now I just want the killing, the bombing, the maiming to stop!

I must be getting very cynical in my old age but I am now wondering if the arms manufacturers in this country as well as the USA need conflict in order to continue to make the massive sums of money they got used to making by supplying the troops in Afganistan and Iraq.

Is the business of selling missiles and the means of delivering them driving some of this conflict?

I don't really need to know who is to blame though. I just want it to stop in the name of common humanity and God.

One God...we all have different names for Him but we all worship one God...the Muslims, the Jews, the Christians . Their God is our this over populated planet there are better ways of reducing the population than by mass killing of people and their children!


  1. Thought you were going to blog about slugs

  2. The sadness of all of the news is that one side seems as bad as another and Western politicians pontificate about Russians providing arms to the Ukrainian's who want to be Russian, while we supply the Russians with bits to keep this kit going. In the meantime, we're also arming Israel, while East European Arms Manufacturers are making their fortunes arming the Arab/Islamic insurgencies in Iraq, Syria and Gaza as well as Afghanistan, Somalia, The Sudan, Central African Republic, Egypt, Libya.

    The total immorality of it all passes the politicians by, while those who work in the Arms industry salve their conscience that they have a safe job, as there will always be a market for their commodities.

    It's a fact that more scientific research goes into the development of new, more deadlier or upgraded weapons world wide than into any other research. Totally immoral and totally understandable, as the world is such a toxic, unsafe place.

    I wonder how those responsible for this mess, and probably, we're all complicit in it by supporting governments that trade in arms, can sleep at night. As a former soldier, I can't say that I liked bearing Arms, they were one tool in my toolbox, which always hoped and prayed for peace, but occasionally had to be in situations where peace was absent. Thankfully, not many times, and not in the most recent, much more deadly conflicts than in my day.

    The 60's mantra of the peace movement was "Give Peace a Chance" I pray that we will actually hear that loud and clear.