Thursday, 17 July 2014

Thunder and lightening!

We were treated to an extraordinary display here last night....a thunderstorm that lasted for hours!

Forked lightening, great flashes lighting up the sky occasionally took on a pink hue....the sky became blush pink....

Up in my sitting room looking out over Falmouth and as far down the coast to the Helford passage it was a truly amazing sight.

It started around nine and went on for was possible to watch its progress punctuated by massive bangs and bumps which continued long after midnight!

It inevitably brought back memories of other huge storms. I sat out a similar one here in the caravan soon after the first David died. I remembered being in our little boat out at sea for one memorable afternoon...trying to work out if there was enough metal in the mast to act as a conductor!

It's hard to beat Essex though for really spectacular storms.

The biggest and the best occurred on a Saturday afternoon. I was shopping in our local department store, looking at lingerie when a massive clap rattled the windows. I dived for cover with the sales girl as the glass shattered. We sat out that storm under trays of knickers...small chips of glass covering everything.

After about half an hour we decided it was safe to come out. As I stepped outside the door I realised that the high street was a river....great torrents of water gushed past...

I had cycled into the town centre car park people had to be rescued from their cars by men in frog suits!

I tried to get my bike home through the park . The river was rushing at great speed and I spent an hour at one point clinging to a tree whilst sitting on the bike to avoid us both being swept away....

Thank goodness last nights storm did not match up to that sort of ferocity as far as I know...but it was still a dramatic, show of light lasting for hours...

God has spoken. I am not sure what He said but it very impressive.


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