Monday, 7 July 2014

Time to work.

This is going to be a busy week! There are things in the diary every day...the first time for almost a year!

This is now mostly fine. Coming to bed earlier, getting up before nine is no bad thing.... But I am aware that I have still to protect myself from well meaning people!

My skin is still an area affected by trauma . I feel the need to repel boarders at times....

I am trying to find times of quiet, moments when I can talk to David or God when I need to....

To this end I have developed a sort of prickly exterior which is not me at all.....but still necessary .

I have always been a good listener , hearing peoples problems is a huge part of the job.....

Now though I find myself switching off...I have to find my tact and my sympathy for other peoples problems over again .

Despite all of this I am glad to be working again... It is time!

The sun is shining, more promised. The garden is beautiful with fruit ready to pick every day....

I live in the most glorious place in the world...So today I give thanks....and ask that all the people I will see this week will see the gentle caring me and not the edgy, defensive me.

With the help of God I can do this!

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