Saturday, 12 July 2014

Wild life.

Yesterday I thought I'd found a mole out and about. As I approached a newly dug mound I saw a movement, a scrabble that I investigated, realising that even if it was one of the enemy I couldn't possibly kill it.....

However it was no mole. It was a toad and he was clearly stuck. I pondered this problem as he tried to get out and then went for a pliable shoe horn! With that I was able to pull him out with damaging him.

I went off, leaving him on the path to get some water . His skin was very dry....bu the time I got back he'd gone.

This was the second toad rescued this week. I found a baby in the bird bath unable to climb out!

We have had them in the laundry room before now....there seem to be a lot about. My dog used to bark at them in the evenings but gave it up as a bad job....just too many out and about!

I love toads....don't mind them at all, I just wish they could be trained to eat moles!


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