Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Writing in transit.

I may never fly again....with any luck!

I got nervous at the hotel waiting for my taxi. A very beautiful young woman arrived in plenty of time to drive me but the queue at the airport was endless and for the first hour there was no movement at all! I sat on one of cases ontop of the trolley...but it was hot and I was tired. They ask you to get here so early and it's just standing around for the most part!

Once through it was fine. Mostly! But at the moment I am thinking ....cruises. Little or no queuing and always treated like human beings as opposed to cattle! There are some very disgruntled people hanging around now and we still have over a hour to wait....

At least once through customs on a boat you go straight to your cabin!

This last day has been exhausting and I suppose that's one reason why all I wanted to do all day was weep!

David would have hated the whole thing business of standing in a queue ...and I am really, really missing him not least because when I get home in the early hours it is to an empty house.

I rang my cleaner this morning and she was very reassuring...thank goodness , the food is in the fridge and cooker switched on!

We are now all sitting waiting to board...oh what joy!

Flying has always been my natural habitat but the hanging around is not!


Finally we were called to go to passport control where yet another massive queue developed. I sat and watched , my bolshy streak by this time very evident....

I have flown often enough before but this was bad....lots of people threatening to send in letters of complaint...

When we finally disembarked the plane had knocked half an hour off the flying time so no grumbles there...it was the shambles at the airport which was still exercising people.

I got off more or less last, wrestled my case off the baggage roundabout and pushed my trolley to where a young man was waiting....

We got back at three in the morning...

Alls well at home except there's just me in it....but a sense of achievement is now evident....I did it!


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  1. How frustrating. I hate flying for the very things that you describe. I recall arriving in the USA to find a strike by Immigration Staff. Replacements were working to rule. It took 5 hours to clear and we arrived at our hotel just before midnight, needing to be up by 5 am to catch a connecting flight.

    Cruise sounds a good idea, problem is that we have animals and nobody ready to look after them and Jen won't entertain them going into kennels. :( Nor for that matter will I. So, we're tied for the moment but Cruise is definitely on our bucket list.