Friday, 22 August 2014

Another scam?

This morning the phone rang fairly early. It was a London number. On picking it up I found a young man with dreadful English trying to talk to me about my windows.

I asked him if he meant the windows in my house....he appeared not to have understood the question....I really don't know what he said next, the English was very hard to follow.

. I finally gathered he was talking about computers. The word "hacking" was used.

I told him that I didn't have windows. I had an Apple Mac.

He continued for some time about hacking and windows. I repeated that I had Apple machines. He was by this time exasperated and said" No I am talking about your lap top. "

"So am I " I said " I have no windows on any of my computers.

He put the phone down. That's a first!

I tried to ring the London number back . I wanted to know who had rung me. A voice said it was not taking calls just now.

So....what is going on? Yet another scam?

It's usually me putting the phone down so I feel some sense of achievement but I am also puzzled....if you are going to try scamming people why use people with almost no English...why presume all computers have Windows and why employ someone who hangs up so easily?

Should I have reported this to the police or whoever is in charge of scamming frauds?



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