Monday, 18 August 2014

Bad news!

I never thought I' d say this... But I wish there was a big sporting event during the rest of the summer....

I get very bored with most sport reporting with one or two exceptions. But right now almost anything would be better than a quick flick through today's news which is so depressing that a bit of tennis, or even chess championships would be great !

Celebrities being investigated for possible peodophile activities. Air strikes over Iraq, Russian involvement in the Crimea, Ebola running riot in Africa, a group of poor people found suffering in a box at Tilbury trying to get into the country illegally....our much loved NHS being dismantled by there no end to the bad news?

We have had a glorious summer for a change and basked in sunshine. In Cornwall hotels are having a bumper summer . We are fortunate compared to many other places in the world. In an attempt to look on the bright side the newspapers report on anything that appears to be good news. Women's rugby teams appear on four front pages in the attempt to find news which is not simply appalling....

I find myself praying for some good news most mornings now...

I am avoiding watching the news on the's bad enough hearing the bad news on the radio...seeing the suffering on the faces of children in war torn areas leaves me grieving and feeling impotent to actually help. Looking at the people who are helping out in makeshift hospitals, I give thanks for those trying to bring peace and pray that humanitarian assistance actually does bring relief to those suffering.

Lord hear our prayer.

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