Saturday, 30 August 2014

Celebrate our differences.

I touched on the problem of political correctness in my blog a few days ago about the events in Rotherham.

It seems that many other people have had a similar impression, that those people who were aware of what was happening failed to speak out for fear of having the term racist hurled at them.

The training for some jobs, particularly various types of social worker have to bear some responsibility in this.

In school particularly all sort of strange things were brought in during the eighties......not having any sort of competition so as not to disadvantage the less able, not reading books by despised authors like Enid Blyton,

And of course not talking about colour or ethnicity at all.

The insistence on political correctness meant that individuals were targeted and many very good teachers left the profession.

The problem is that the "rules" meant that there was no recognition that as people we are all different. The attempt to shove us all into the same mould led to many people simply keeping quiet...the label "racist" was a damming one...not something to aspire to.

My own brushes with social workers here in Cornwall have confirmed earlier suspicions. It seems to be part of the system that individual needs or requirements are often neglected or even condemned as politically incorrect with no mercy given to those who break the code...

We are all different. We are brought up to be individuals and yet somehow the fact that some are clever at one thing and are hopeless at another is ignored.

As a species our gene pool is vast. We are given different talents as well as handicaps...and it's often the talents which are not recognised and nurtured.

Is it time to get rid of the sort of political correctness that denies individual ability , which seeks to make us all the same, in one mould for ever...

God gave us a multitude of talent both mental and physical...isn't it time to celebrate these and stop throwing insulting remarks at people who are and who dare to be a little different.

I've spent a life time not fitting into any sort of mould. Viva la difference!


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