Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Dysfunctional families.

It's my mothers birthday. She died many years ago but the date still holds significance though maybe not for the obvious reasons.....

It's a sad fact but true that I didn't really like my mother much but that is possibly because I didn't really know her very well. I was farmed out to live with my grandparents when the war started. I was two. All my early memories of being looked after, cuddled, kissed and fed well are of my Grandma...

When things got back to "normal " after the war I had to go home...I must have been awful to live with because I just wanted to go back to my grandparents.

A whole generation of war children grew up separated from one or both of their parents. These really were disjointed families..the men who came home were battle weary and had little patience with the small children who had grown up without them.

Establishing a pecking order, finding work, learning how to live with each other again proved very hard for my dad and I assume for many more.

Those post war years are very vivid still. The arrival of a new baby brother was not undiluted good news but after he was born I had a wonderful stay with my grandparents again....this did not help the settling down process.

We were a disfunctional family but so were we all I suppose after years of war, loss, rationing and dfficulty in resuming personal relationships. . I never remember anyone of my generation blaming the war for all the things that went wrong afterwards.

We just got on with rebuilding our shattered world on several different levels.

Happy birthday mum...


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