Thursday, 7 August 2014

Food supplements?

Another day, another anxiety.....for those of us over 65 it is said that taking a vitamin D supplement every day can prevent dementia!

This word, along with Alzimers cause tremors of anxiety in me having recently seen the deterioration caused by a brain tumour in my dearly loved husband .

Vitamin D is found in fish oils. Memories of childhood when during the war my grandma gave me a daily dose of cod liver oil and malt abound! It tasted just fine to those of us who didn't have many sweets during war time....they were of course on ration along with everything else! Cod liver oil mixed with a sticky sweet paste was the nearest many of us got to a teaspoon of sugar!

My grandmothers daily dosing included orange juice, Scott's emulsion, what ever that was as well as cod liver oil!

It seems to have worked!

So now in old age I have to accept that there are things I can no longer I accept physical limitations with reasonably good grace but the thought of becoming less able to do the soduku and the crossword is very worrying....

I do thank God for this new computer age....playing games every day...even stupid ones like Candy crush saga are hopefully keeping the brain at least ticking over.

Use it or lose it is the best advice I realise after seeing David's fast decline physically and I suspect the same holds good for the back to the cods liver, the daily dose of sunshine when available and moderate exercise....

It's got me along so far with The grace of God thrown in....there's no pill for that....but to be happy is just as important as being mentally competent....and for the most part I am....thank you God.

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