Thursday, 14 August 2014

Golden days.

It's all looking very much like the back end.....I am not sure if that's a phrase used here in Conrwall but it's how the start of Autumn is heralded in Lancashire .

It is a golden time. Fields all around have been cropped leaving stubble that looks like carpets of gold of various hues.

When I lived in Essex the fields were still being burned off at the end of the summer.

One day when I was out with my dog we realised that the field we were walking was blazing at the far end. The fire travelled remarkably had been a hot dry summer...

Me and William the springer spaniel ended by rushing into the river as the heat intensified.

We waded home that day...a situation he was very happy with. Me less so!

Now that burning off the stubble is a thing of the past the beauty of the fields stays intact until the ploughing starts.

It's not yet Autumn but it cannot be far away....the rowan tree has bright red berries. The blackberries are almost ready to pick, the moles are proliferating!

Unlike previous summers slugs have not been a problem so I am trying to balance the mole activity with the fact that they eat the slugs as they churn up the ground.

I have enjoyed the back end in previous it is full of memories...mostly good but often tear provoking...this is the time last year when David's first symptoms appeared but all memories are treasured...all to be filed away in the brains memory to be looked at in years to come...

Here is where I played with my children , my dogs, my is where we were all happy together.. Thank you God.

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