Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Hear our prayer.

So we are now sending planes to Iraq again. The fact that it's a humanitarian gesture somehow is not helping....

What looks like a good deed can very quickly be turned into something else.....

I still remember the joy of seeing the the statue of Sadam Hussein being toppled by troops in Iraq when Tony Blair and Bush decided on humanitarian grounds to invade Iraq. This joy was quickly replaced by horror when the "smart bombs" looking for weapons of mass destruction reduced whole areas to rubble. Clean water and food soon were in short supply.

When the appalling news reached us that Isis was driving out Yazidi and Christians my first reaction was to send money. This done I changed my avatar to the Arabic letter N

It is being painted on doors in Iraq to show the homes of Christians to be killed or driven out. Long lines of refugees are fleeing...sitting here in our comfortable homes the need to show solidarity with the oppressed is great

This picture says it all.

It would be very easy to just shake our heads , wring our hands, preach, blog and become morally outraged...but the fact is that as individuals we can do nothing...

I am glad that our planes are dropping clean water...but I hope that at no stage we are persuaded to actually start killing..

Religious freedom is enshrined in our hearts and minds....live and let live in a hundred different platitudes...

War escalates....prayer is now the only thing I have left to give....

Hear our prayer Lord.



  1. I think you have it just right Jean. Apart from sending whatever money we can afford to supply the aid so desperately needed, and then to pray daily, hourly until reason is restored there really is nothing we can do.
    One difference from my response and that of many others I have read is to send money to support all of those most in need, and not merely the Christian victims of these disasters.

    1. I agree Ray. I pray everyone and that includes Jews and Muslms. All those who are being hurt and all those who causing the hurt!