Friday, 15 August 2014

Internet nuisances .

Another day, another internet scam! I woke up to 56 emails. Since then there have been another 30 and counting.... They all tell me that an email I sent last night could not be delivered. They seem to be working through a very long list of the other people receiving the same original e mail!
I am not sure what the perpetrators get out of this but beware!
Every evening this week I have had an email offering me ordering medication on line. Every other night I've just deleted it but last night I sent a reply. It asked them not to keep sending me mail because I'm never going to buy any medecines on line...
It's only a few weeks since I got the fake Apple account email which involved me cancelling my credit's very easy to fall for these scams especially late at night sitting up in bed with your iPad!
I am clearly falling into bad for all of you fellow night owls....beware...the great social media unwashed are out to get us!
Fighting back doesn't seem to from now on I will just delete anything that comes my way before opening it!
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