Tuesday, 19 August 2014

iPhone magic.

I got a new toy yesterday. It extends the battery life on my iPhone. It doubles the time I can spend on the it so on any journey I hope never to reach the point where I have to turn it off to preserve the last few minutes.

Oh dear..even at my age I have to acknowledge that I rely on my visits to social media, to be able to chat whilst away from home for lengthy periods! Hence the new toy!

It's a case for the phone which contains it's own battery....

It looks smart. It works....but it feels somehow wrong....how did I get to the point where running out of battery is a bad outcome on any journey.

We used to have to turn our phones off on planes but they seem to have now realised that there is such a thing as a safe mode....all we have to do on a plane is turn the internet off.

Eventually we might get a new device to charge it's own battery by putting it in the sun...

I am very aware of the suns power after recently getting a cheque acknowledging the last bright quarter for the solar tiles on our roof....it can only be a matter of time surely for us to be able to charge our small devices in the light of the sun as we go along!

Meanwhile I have discarded my ornate Liberty print case for a plain white one...I charged it yesterday morning, used it on and off and it's still got 100 % battery intact.

It will be useful!

PS. I don't have any shares in this product!

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