Thursday, 21 August 2014

Late nights and mornings!

Well here's a thing! I've only just woken up and it's gone nine o'clock!

The feeling of slight debauchery is very unlikely!

I have been going to bed much later than I used to since David died but last night it was well past midnight when I got home!

I had been out to supper with very old friends, going right back to the eighties. The supper was provided by a man learning how to live without his wife. The other couple were people who looked after me when the first David died!

I ate everything! This in itself was a appetite is still very tiny but I coped with three courses last night because they were separated by much talk. We covered a lot of ground. I allowed myself one glass of wine because I knew I had to drive home.....

In the event our host released my car from the tight corner I had left it in and I drove home pondering on the easy nature of the conversation!

It was going back very many years, covering subjects dear to our hearts....the view from the window was the same one that I had had from my caravan before the chalets were built.

We naturally discussed my fairly unexpected arrival in the church as well as details of their offspring and what has happened to other close friends since.

It was a very good night. I am still reeling from the shock of not waking up with the birds...but I'll cope...

On wards and upwards. Thank you God for friends!

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