Saturday, 2 August 2014

Rearranging the house!

After a busy weekend last week this one is blessedly quiet.

The weather is cooler now and much needed rain fell yesterday.

Slowly day by day I am re organising the house...I am actually thinking where things should go, trying to make it one person friendly whilst also making room to have visitors.

David had become very wary of having people to or two bad experiences meant that on moving here he decided not to make visitors too welcome....

A saying that goes round at least once a year is that you don't know how many friends you've got till you move to Cornwall!

Trying to reorganise the house is hard work.....but I have used the chair lift most days this week to transport loads of stuff downstairs where it now awaits recycling.

I know that this is part of the bereavement process because it's what I did the first time I became a widow!

It's just harder now I'm so much older....

It is weird that when we first moved in we had a dog and a cat and many things were arranged for their convenience. What my huge golden retriever would make of the chair lift I can't imagine....but the cat would certainly have curled up on it....he might even have learned how to move it at his command...

Now it's just me. But if I pour myself a drink whilst I sit and watch TV in the evening I still push the glass out of reach of the dogs massive tail after losing several pints over the years due to tail wagging!

Habits prove hard to break....but slowly I am adjusting to a solitary life day I'll even be happy again. God willing .


  1. Does this all mean that we can sign up for a Cornish holiday, B&B with Jean with Mass thrown in :)

    But lovely to hear your doing stuff gradually, it will take time, it will be painful, but it's really necessary for you to feel comfortable with how you are living and organised.

    Prayers continue here as do lots of love and hugs.

  2. This is a familiar theme for me Jean. About 6 or seven months after John died I started to move furniture and re-arrange everyday items which had remained stationary for years.
    I think it was partly a way of telling myself that it was OK to move 'fixed' objects without having to consult anyone, though it left me feeling somehow guilty.
    As time has passed I've become quite used to doing what I like on the domestic level, but still have an occasional need to say to a neighbour or visitor, "our " recliner chair, or "our" bookcase has been moved. To say "my" so and so, still feels strange.
    I'm sure you will be if not 'happy', at least content in time.