Monday, 25 August 2014

Summers End .

It's dark, raining and chilly therefor it's obviously August Bank holiday!
Once retired bank holidays are something to steer clear of! Living in Cornwall doubles that statement. Most of us keep our heads down and wait for the exodus to begin.....
Trying to find parking places, staying clear of the crowds is essential to peace of mind.
In the old days it was always a trip to Blackpool to see grandma, my mother who never understood why we didn't spend all our holidays with her in the seaside haven of her choice.
This week will not see too many people leaving us till after the tall ships have set off on the race to Greenwich.
Great signposts are now in place advertising car parking for £10 each to see the boats when they start to arrive.
Living high on a cliff over looking Falmouth means I can stay in my sitting room to see most of it...but I do plan to cross the road to walk down the meadow to get a wonderful view up close!
This glorious summer is coming to an end....the world goes back to normal quite soon....and I hope to do the same myself in time.....

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  1. Loved seeing the Tall ships when I lived in Gourock and they spent 48 hours I Greenock.
    I'm with you on bank Holidays, my Mum still lives in Fleetwood but we never visit on a Bank Holiday and living here in the peak District we hole up at home for the day- especially with todays weather. Instead I shall spend the day completing my Curacy Portfolio :)