Wednesday, 20 August 2014


A name from the past assailed me today on looking at the dreadful morning news.

Iyengar the yoga guru has died at the age of 95. I had gone to London to hear him speak during my hippie phase.

Yoga was something I dabbled with on and off. The physical exercises were not too difficult and I was enthralled to be to be told. " If it hurts don't do it"

I did the exercises I found fairly easy, became a vegetarian and practised yogic breathing. When Mr Iyengar came to lecture I was intent on being part of his audience.

It was a bit of a disappointment I'm afraid and added nothing to my meagre attempts at proper yoga. After a few months struggling I more or less gave up the exercises but stayed with the breathing.

Sitting cross legged, breathing , holding the breath and breathing out again became a daily event for me...

I still do it in times of stress, though no longer cross legged I'm afraid. But breathing slowly and holding the breath both in and then out is a great stress reducing exercise.

The reaction of other people to any mention of yoga is always interesting.

During my period of giving talks on various subjects I was banned from a young wives group in a local church, the vicar believing that yoga was a black art and was not to be encouraged...

For me it has been a life long, life enhancing brings me closer to God in my moments of meditation...I just wish I'd kept up the physical part of might have kept me fitter than I am now....

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