Sunday, 21 September 2014

A visit to the past.

Getting back to "normal" feels odd but it is happening. I have lost the feeling of wary vulnerability that I carried around with me since David died.

Every day this week has brought me problems to deal with, puzzles to solve of the who did what to who variety!

Having turned them all over in my mind I have taken on more to do in the coming week and yesterday I went for a walk through the village I lived in before my marriage.

I met and talked to old friends. I looked at the granite memorial for the first David, now a highly successful dog bowl, I saw my old boat taken out of the water and stored for the winter with a heart felt sigh, all is well over there and it gladdened my heart to see it in the late Autumn sun.

Then I bought a picture painted by a local artist on a day she held an exhibition in the old fishermans shelter! It shows the village boats sitting in the harbour and the beaches opposite through a window frame. It reminds me of the paintings by Pierre Bonnard...a post impressionist who I specially liked.


Here in my old Cornish farmhouse there is an alcove on the stairs where there used to be a window. It was bricked in before our time here but now it holds a picture of another window looking out to sea!

Life as I used to know it is returning. Thank you God!


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