Thursday, 18 September 2014

A win for an engaged electorate!

Very late last night.

I am, weirdly listening to the radio for any clues as to how the Scottish vote is going. What ever else it has succeeded in engaging our interest....I actually care about how this is going to turn out!

The number of people voting is something of a phenomena.. Such a high percentage is astonishing!

I am also remembering the election process we enjoyed in North Wales. I only lived there for three years but it gave me a picture of another way of doing things.

The first council election was distinguished by all three candidates coming to canvass our votes together..

We had Labour, Conservative and PliedCymru on our doorstep together being very polite and begging us to actually vote. This all happened again in the general election some time later...

A year after that we were canvassed again for a referendum on whether Clywd should go dry! The thought that the local pubs might close every Sunday got most of us out to vote....Clywd stayed wet!

Tonight the coverage is amazing but I suppose that if any country goes to the electorate to decide whether their country is going to be independent it would get our interest. But Scotland isn't just any old's part of us...and much loved for all sorts of reasons

It's going to be a long night....a cliff hanger no less!

Early morning.

I am listening to the speeches of the great and good all of whom have behaved with dignity and good humour.

I am relieved that the no vote won the day but the turnout of the electorate means that a great deal of thought has now to be spent on how best to go forward together hand in hand rather than chucking rocks at each other! Hadrians Wall is still redundant.


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