Sunday, 14 September 2014

Books are evolving.

I was stunned to find both of my ebooks both available on iTunes . It never occurred to me that it could happen without my being aware of it...
They were published on Smashwords and then on Kindle but I hadn't bothered about anything else because steadily, one or two at a time they are being downloaded.
A friend recently asked how to go about getting some sermons and papers written years ago published. It was only because I was running through the various steps to get a book out that I found my books in a different place.
It really is I think the way ahead. Far from it being the dreaded ,the hated vanity publishing it is simply an easy way of getting words available to the public.
 I imagine reference books of various kinds are not selling in the quantities they used is easier to listen to an audio book or read print on an iPad than having an actual book to pick up.
I have hundreds of books in the house, walls full of them but I only occasionally now take one down to look up a flower or a bird.
I would be very sorry if those whose books provide their livelihood lost out. That would be sad...but I think the future is clear....ebooks are apparently the way forward...until something better is invented...nothing is for ever!
Heavy leather bound editions were quickly replaced by paperbacks...evolution happens , change is inevitable.
We just have to learn to adapt too...

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