Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Crime and punishment?

Listening to all the people who knew what was happening in Rotherham and whose words were disregarded by those in authority I now wonder if it's too late?

It's certainly too late for the young women who were used brutally and repeatedly during their formative years....they need all the loving support they can get but is it too late to bring the perpetrators to book?This has happened in Rochdale already.

The police have conducted historical abuse inquiries into the lives of the rich and famous. Surely they can now find those responsible for what happened over a decade to all those girls.

During my time teaching in Rochdale I saw Pakistani teenage boys in gangs in the playground. The girls were off limits, that was obvious....they would never sully their own.

Sometimes on school trips I did see some displays of affection but never ever with girls. The oldest boys had their favourites amongst younger boys...they were given presents and hugged with real affection. At the time I thought it was a way of making sure that their young women were kept safe.

The men who organised these gangs, who took the girls out to places where they could be raped are still alive presumably and still living in Rotherham .

It would not too difficult surely to find them by the police who did so little to protect the girls.

It is time to see justice done without accusations of racism being thrown around...it is a simple matter of locking up men who threaten the safety of all our lives.

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