Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Dog as pastoral carer!

I have at least four visitors this morning! It's as though someone flicked a switch somewhere and everyone decided to come to see me!

I am not complaining about this though I imagine I'll be pretty tired by the end of the day...but it is time to get back to work!

Arranging christenings and getting to know the baby is always a great pleasure.

I do miss my golden retriever though on these occasions. He would greet everyone with his tail wagging and knew exactly how to conduct the interviews.

He was the absolute best pastoral carer! He would play very gently with the toddlers, offering them one of his toys and then guiding them into playing with him.

For people who were grieving he would lay his massive head on their knees and sigh deeply with them.

For older children he would take them into the garden and get them to throw a ball for him...

He was the best! I still miss him and every time I'm offered a dog I hesitate but Crispin was I think special...one of my friends says quite simply that he taught her how to speak "dog"

As a teacher, a playmate, a carer and a companion he is much missed by all my friends and on days like this by me....He was quite simply irreplaceable ....


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