Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Let there be light!

At the beginning of the summer I went out to supper with a very old friend. On coming home we took our coffee into the sitting room where we were lit by lamps in a soft romantic glow. We knew each other well enough for us to laugh  it off...and he gazed up at the two small chandeliers. The one over where were sitting had no light at all and two of the bulbs had gone on the other one.
I explained that light bulbs were David's domain...and as I couldn't get up there to find out what was required there were no replacement bulbs available.
My friend found our ladders and went up for a look. He took out the three dead bulbs.....
The next day I ordered the replacements, using the orginal ones as a guide, bayonet or screw, etc. so when he came back yesterday I suggested quite shamelessly that he might put them in for me!
He did. The sitting room now has more light in the darkness than at any time since we moved in!
He then tackled the other rooms...a blinking bulb was replaced by a more alert one. In short every room now has light!
Wonderful!. I am very grateful.....going up ladders messing around with light bulbs is definitely not my thing!
I got up this morning with a real feeling of progress being made....thank God for old friends!


  1. Friends who bring light into our lives and homes are so valuable.

  2. By the strangest of coincidences (is there such a thing?), I have had two bulbs replaced by my wonderful "action man" neighbour this very evening.
    The porch light bulb had gone and I couldn't undo it - apparently the fitting was loose - and the main sitting room light had also blown.
    After my usual valiant and totally misguided attempt to balance on the bottom step of my two-step ladder I simply waited till I saw him outside his house and he was back home in about two minutes.
    Madly irritating on a personal level, but wonderful to have such a good neighbour.

    1. I simply don't believe in coincidence any more........there are so many things we have in common!

  3. We try to use the lowest possible light bulbs and they seem to last a lot longer. Can't remember last time I changed one :)