Friday, 5 September 2014

Love not hate.

Having looked at the readings for this week I find that the challenge is there.

"Love does no wrong to a neighbour, therefor love is the fulfilling of the law"

Wow...if only.

The sermon is in danger of being another visit to the notion of One God, several different names...

I can't even be flip about our present we have the Western world leaders trying to decide what to do about militant extremist Muslims.

I pray that sending drones, bombing, and other sorts of violence will not be the only means employed...

The situation is now so grave that many people would welcome the mass destruction we have at our disposal in this technological age.

The firms supplying arms most be very pleased....

Since we abandoned our stance against non interference in another country and sent troops into Iraq a whole generation of youth have been politicised . Armies of young determined men are intent on killing, kidnapping and subjugating us to make us adopt their religion and it's harsh laws.

The drones wiping out villages in Afganistan only stopped recently. Have we learned nothing?

Love is the fulfilling of Gods holy not bombs!

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