Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Love one another.

Facebook and twitter are filled with some of the most disturbing images I have ever seen...alongside the pictures of happy families smiling into the camera on beaches are the videos of British Muslims dressed in black and proclaiming Sharia law.

The hatred on both sides is apparent...the willingness to believe the worst of each other is frightening me even though nothing of the kind is happening here in Cornwall...

British Muslims must be mostly horrified by what's happening. All the goodwill between the various communities is breaking down day by day...and I am glad to have left Essex.

Oddly summer is often the time when hatred erupts and is brought into focus but we are now in a new season and it's surely time for us all to get back to work and keep the most important commandment by which all religions operate.

You shall love your neighbours as hate..The Muslims I know personally acknowledge this law...

I haven't spoken to any of my friends since all of this started but I know they must be just as worried by it as I am.

It's time to start loving each, not hate. We ask it in your name Lord.


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