Saturday, 20 September 2014

My diary years!

I've started writing again.....some would say I'd never stopped but I did for a while not wanting to colour anything I wrote this year with sadness. Now I feel I can pick up something I started on our last long cruise.

One of the joys of cruising is the time available to complete things, to begin things, to have peace to work in without the phone ringing, whilst looking out at acres of sea and sky.

I returned to Pages, the Apple word processor on my iPad. I bought it after the last cruise so I was stunned to find the chapters I'd written on the old pad right here on the new one.

Slowly this week I've been re reading it. I wrote far more than I remembered!

Once David started to need a lot of care I abandoned almost everything apart from the "Joey in Cornwall" book which streamed out of me during times when David slept.

Writing has always been important to me.....long before the blog were the diaries kept for years and now mostly in plastic boxes in the barn....

Old discarded manuscripts litter my past life which is why finding Smashwords was so wonderful for me...I recently recommended it to an old friend..and would to anyone who like me has had a life time of rejection slips...

I had begun a small book of poems but it made me weep every time I started so that's now abandoned...

The new book is about my early already has twenty odd chapters calling I suppose for some pruning...

It is reminding me of things long forgotten...hopes and joys now realised in old age .

I am putting in the worst bits's got to be a complete picture even when it hurts...thank goodness for the ebook!


  1. Well done. There is a sense of peace and release in writing, particularly a life story. I had to do this during the discernment process (they pry into everything) and once started the flow of words became a deluge. Much more than needed by the DDO or discernment process, but essential for my own peace of mind.

    Once written and gotten out of my system, I printed it, shared it with Jen than ceremoniously burned it as a sign of release and closure. I don't particularly want to share the warts and all that it contained with the wider world, so it was also deleted apart from a brief summary which I retained as I've subsequently had, on several occasions had to produce some sort of summary of my life for people in the vocations process.

    I'm really glad that you're able to put the things down and have the memory available to put things into perspective. It's a skill, to make it readable, and when you decide to publish, I will be first in the line waiting to get a copy.

    I still re-read Joey on Kindle from time to time as a reminder of a story of what could or might have been. God's grace reveals himself in different ways to different generations, and Joey is a possibility that perhaps could help others to see the unending possibilities of God.

    1. You are very generous to me Earnie....I do thank you for it! I think any writing is much like landscape can't put in every detail...It's what you leave out that's important!