Wednesday, 3 September 2014

One God.

Another beheading is broadcast. The aim is surely to shock and it does...the shock is made greater by the knowledge that the man doing the beheading is British....

We are now warned that we are in danger of an attack in this country. We hear the words of hatred and we see the appalling deeds. We remember the woman found guilty of apostasy and condemned to death. We see images of women being stoned, half buried alive...

If this is being done in the name of Allah he must be weeping.

The sights and sounds of a militant religious war are brought to us daily in this brave new world we live in.

The threat to introduce sharia law in London is intended to disturb, to make us fight instigate the sort of fighting in this country espoused by the militant right wing who must be delighted by all the rhetoric we are hearing from all sides.

Young Muslims must ask themselves whether or not they will make converts to their religion by killing, by acts of terror.

If they are really trying to convert us all to their religion is it going to succeed by scaring us all?

My God, their God is the God...who preaches peace and love...

Turning the other cheek may seem a weak way of responding to threats of violence...but as we have seen violence escalates...

For the first time in my life I am congratulating myself on being an old woman...I don't want to live in the sort of world that seems to be approaching.

I ask all my Muslim friends to pray with our shared God, that we learn to live together in love and trust as He would want us to. Amen .


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