Monday, 29 September 2014

Sunday lunch

Sunday lunch has always been a special time. Even if I had a service or two to preside over I used to leave a roast in the oven and David would prepare the vegetables so that I could get it all on the table on my return home.

He always opened a good bottle of wine and brought out the crystal glasses.

Sometimes if I had a late service we would go out to eat the roast and two veg in a pub.....

Since he died Sunday lunch has not been special. I have not cooked a joint. I have not opened a bottle of claret...somehow the need to maintain the tradition just disappeared overnight.

So I started to go out to eat on Sunday....usually with a friend, we have a explored the local hostelries during the hectic holiday season which meant that we always booked in advance...

Yesterday we revisited a hotel that I haven't been in for many years....I had heard that it had changed hands so off we went....

It was wonderful. It was a warm day...did we want to eat in the garden?

Yes we did...that in itself was a revelation was tropical...exotic plants in flower with glimpses of the sea behind them.

The food was nouvelle cuisine, delicate but full of flavour which suited me and my small appetite perfectly.

This small jewel was quite simply perfection....and it's only a short drive away...

We will go back. Serendipity has struck again!



  1. Sounds absolutely wonderful- glad you are beginning to be able to enjoy small pleasures in life again :) prayers continue