Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Updated magic!

I waited a little while before updating my iPad to IOS8 . I hadn't rushed but waited till I plenty of yesterday was it....

Now I am finding all sorts of weird things as I am typing...smiley faces pop up. I have never used smilies and having pressed that button now there is a warning that any smiley will be deleted by blogger anyway.....

A microphone pops up occasionally , I can apparently send video messages from the pad!

The system came complete with a a "tips" app and it truly is amazing what I can now do...but the problem is that I'm not sure I'm ever going to use them. As I type it guesses what the next word is going to be in a faded grey strip along the top of the key pad...

The main advance seems to be with Siri . This is the helpful voice which asks what it can help me with when i least expect it...

I have used it in the past but rarely now once I 'd got over the shocked delight of discovering a disembodied voice offering help!

Now it tells me it can identify a tune if one is playing where ever I am. You just ask Siri and it tells you !

It's all magic....I am not sure yet how much of the updated wonders I shall use but I am truly amazied by what is now available to me.

I look back to the teenager overawed by an early calculater I was handed during a holiday was about the size of a book and not easy to use .

Now we have so much technology at our finger tips that just catching up with how to use it all is the main problem...

Like every other advance in computing I will pick it up as I go along. I'm not rushing...there may be wonders up there waiting for me...but for someone who used a slate during her first years in school the new gimmicks are quite simply helpful magic!


  1. My husband commented that his iPad is the same size as the slate on which he learned to write, this was confirmed when during a relation's house clearance we found a slate, it is indeed the same dimensions.

    I haven't yet upgraded my iPad, it has taken a few weeks to sort out difficulties I had so want to enjoy using it without having to learn yet more skills.

    1. There was a lot to be said for slates....think of all the paper they saved!

  2. My Blackberry tablet updates about once each six months. Never sure what difference it makes, apart from making the system less flaky.