Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A small moan.

I try not to moan as much as possible but the practicalities of life seem to be ganging up on me right now...
David was a wonderful engineer with a practical mind. He was a problem solver and in our life together he worked hard at not giving me things to worry about.
Now as the winter draws in and the temperatures drop several different things are claiming my attention.
I have had to buy a new front door after the glass in the old one warped in last summers heat.
Some kind soul hit my car whilst I was in church. The insurance company are making waves.,
The system installed to give us better central heating is playing up again to the point of not working at all right now!
Smaller things are also on the blink and whilst it was warm and sunny yesterday I am fully aware that winter is creeping closer....
So many good things are also happening that they compensate for the rest mostly but you can't start praying for a better boiler , just a better fixer...
We are also approaching various death anniversaries....
The morning news reports are not helping either...Ebola, Jihadists, global warming issues...
In the middle of this doom and gloom are many good things. And I am really not as depressed as I sound......But I shall be glad to get back to some sort of normality somewhere sometime soon.......


  1. Poor Jean, you are having a grey patch aren't you? I have many times blogged as you will be aware of the power of inanimate objects' ability to blight our lives.
    Not least when they are inanimate but should be animate.
    John too was a good fixer, I am not!
    Your heating system sounds an absolute nightmare, I do so hope a really good engineer will appear on your doorstep dreckly.
    Love and prayersX

    1. Thank you Ray...a heating engineer did appear briefly....confessed he had no idea what to do and left!
      At least the sun came out this afternoons!