Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A special date.

Today is one of those days that holds a special significance for my family and oddly also for David's family.

My daughter Roz was born on the 22 October 1966. On her first day we were hearing of the appalling loss of life in Aberfan, when a huge land slip descended onto a village and its school. Having lived in South Wales during the war it shocked me as I was celebrating the birth of my daughter.

Two years ago my son died on this day...

I am not going to spend my day in grief , I have too much to do....but I am remembering.

My prayers are with those people who lost their children. The disaster has meant that great slag heaps hanging over the pit villages have been removed and made safe....

Some good can come from the pain of loss!

There is no point now in wondering why this date is so significant. It just is...



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