Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Coughs and sneezes.

The slight voice problem that started at the weekend developed nicely over the last couple of days. On some days talking was difficult. Some nights sleep eluded me. So feeling unwell set me off on a voyage to discover what meds were available in the house without having to go out!

Every time we left the country I stocked up on patent medicines to combat flu, sore throats, coughs and tummy upsets...allergic reactions included tablets, creams and inhalers...none of which have been needed over the last year!

The hunt to find them was on!

Growing up during the war with my grandparents meant that home made remedies were freely available at the first sneeze!

"That child is poorly...give her some pobs". ...dreadful words to inspire an instant cure! Pobs was a warm drink of milk, bread, and sugar and in really dire illness a beaten egg was added to the mix. This cure all was administered and granny would watch it being sipped with eagle eyes.

Dosing with cod liver oil and malt plus Dr Scott's emulsion followed...

In the event of really severe illness granny would make a mesceration. This was herbs soaked overnight leaving a green pool at the bottom of an earthenware bowl. It was not for was for putting your hands and feet in though not all at the same time...

This concoction was the final act of healing prior to the National Health....sending for a doctor was only a remote possibility in those days, apt to hasten the end as it meant you were dying!

Granny said that with all herbal medicines it was best to stick to 'nil by mouth' Enough goodness could be obtained through the soles of the feet and palms....

Looking back it was so different from anything I see today that it's as though I have travelled from one time warp to another.

There are plenty of the herbs used for healing out there , close at hand, but without the loving hugs and gentleness that went with them they might not work, so granny, where are you when I need you?



  1. Oh Jean what a lovely picture you paint.
    Wretched child shivering and sneezing, hands and feet in a bowl of something totally disgusting, while other equally disgusting things were force fed to you.
    At least now you can choose your own remedies.
    Please accept a cyber hug or two.
    Love and prayers X

    1. Laughing now.....but just remember my granny loved me! I think!