Friday, 10 October 2014


Yesterday was cold. Actually I was cold not the weather. This morning I woke very early , my mind sorting through various problems not least of which was the heating system in this house!

We have had a truly glorious summer here...the very last thing on my mind was the heating!

Last year when the heating failed after putting in a new system my main concern was keeping my sick husband warm.

The memory of various people trying and failing to sort it out all adds to the nightmare that was last winter!

I started a month ago with this one...I rang the young man who got the best results for us and seemed to know what he was doing. He was just going on holiday when I he's not answering his phone!

In the wee small hours of this morning the problem assumed massive proportions...together with tomorrow's sermon, a lost fleece and several phone calls I need to make....

Grief has been replaced by practical concerns. I left all the main decisions to David....he was the resident engineer whose practical brain sorted out everything easily and quickly....

This morning I will take my car out for a run. It has a new battery but I need to be sure it will start in the morning.

I am being overtaken by practical anxieties....I know they are all part of the beareavement process...but at five in the morning this doesn't help!

So back to the practicalities....I must wear warmer clothing...find the hot water bottles , move a chair into the kitchen where the oven is always hot...

Then I look out of the window....the winds dropped, it's not too bad after all....But the bottom line here is that I am dreading the coming winter! Over to you God....


  1. Sincerely hope that you're able to overcome the heating worries and that your sermon comes through the spirit. Taking the car for a spin is obviously a good idea, but if the new battery is a quality one, it should be ok to stand for a couple of days at a time.

    Finding reliable tradespeople can be a nightmare as your experience is showing - don't have any answers for that one, apart from word of mouth recommendations.

  2. Sermons spun. If I'm not careful I shall break into rhyme .
    The rest have been out in the pending pile.....