Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Funereal fog.

My voice recovered yesterday sufficient for the funeral process.

The small chapel was packed and everyone was invited back to the hotel standing on the cliffs. The timing was perfect. The tide roared into the narrow little harbour with great vigour and huge waves crashed in just as we were walking down the slip.

The hotel still damaged from last years massive seas were keeping people off the terraces but for sheer dramatic input it was very impressive....

This was one of David's favourite places and the photograph we used for his funeral was taken there but I coped....

I drove home in fog . It fitted my mood perfectly but on driving in I found the workmen just finishing for the day! I now have a working security light on the barn and various other improvements to the heating system .

I am ready for the winter now! Thank you God.


  1. There is something very comforting about having done all you can to be secure and warm for the winter isn't there.
    That doesn't stop us all hoping we won't need any of the emergency measures we are prone to put in place.
    Security lights are a brilliant idea (no pun intended)

    1. Thank you Ray...you are always a blessing and much appreciated!