Sunday, 26 October 2014

Keeping busy!

Yesterday went well. We are filling up again during half term , boats are being laid up as are holiday homes which won't be used until Christmas after this week. There is an air of busyness around once more just as we'd got used to the quietness.

I have two funerals and a christening this week, starting this is the moment when my voice is having its annual stumble!

It went croaky yesterday during the service celebrating Bible last night the croak had developed into a very sore throat and this morning I am basso profundo.

I don't feel ill but am wondering if I can do justice to the family's need to say goodbye to their parents together..

A local traditional jazz band is playing...perhaps they can just play straight over my failing voice if necessary.

There is a small prayer for the moment when the ashes go into the sea.


The sea will hold you

The waves enfold you

The depth will take you out.

When the great green ocean will carry you far

The tide will meet and cherish you

The sea, eternal, rising and falling, from which all life began

Will be your resting place together in death as in life.

Go now into the vastness and the life giving depth...of the sea.

And know peace.


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