Thursday, 9 October 2014

Life changing moments.

On Facebook yesterday was a video someone had posted of a lady who sang beautifully on X factor

. I don't actually watch that show but it was much like the moment when Susan Boyle was discovered a couple of years ago.

It's very poignant when you realise that the judges had already dismissed her in their minds! When the wonderful voice then soars out their expressions change and something wonderful happens..

I felt tears come into my eyes was a moment when lives were changed.

Then I realised that that was what had happened to me. The moment when despite my age the bishop had asked me to consent to be priested...

In that moment all the hopes I'd lived with for my entire life were realised. God had validated my call.

Arriving early yesterday for a funeral I spent a little time looking through the book that is the record of all the services and who takes them .

It goes back ten years and my name is there from the beginning. it gave me a small jolt when I saw the signature Jean Sharples from before I changed it to marry David.

Now having done a funeral for an old friend I know that despite all the set backs, the pains and the tears I am still a very lucky old woman...I don't need to sing my heart out...the joy is still there and always will be. Thank you God.


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