Saturday, 4 October 2014

Love not hate.

I am sick at heart this morning on hearing the news.

One beheading was bad but to kill a man who had travelled out there to help those who needed it is simply evil. . He had gone out there to drive a truck to bring help to the poorest most desperate people.

This act of extreme barbarism shows souls bankrupt of any goodness or love.

They must know that the shock waves around the world will increase our determination to strike back. I suspect this is what they want. It elevates thugs into holy martyrs.

Those of us who are old and have lived through many appalling acts of war in our life times have only one thing we can do....

So I pray. I pray for the family of the murdered man....that they might find some sort of peace in all this horror.

I pray for those here who have to decide on their next steps to try to bring some sort of resolution to this hardline group of people who claim to be Muslim but in fact are in the grip of real evil....

I pray that the need to avenge this death does not carry us into the momentum that screams for revenge...

I see the appalling posters sent out by Britain First....these images of of extreme violence are feeding those right wingers busy recruiting the people in this country who are disgusted by the violence abroad...

I pray that all those of us who are Christians and who know the goodness of God can prevent this terrible pollution of our minds...

Lord please let us not become murderers ourselves...let us not scream for violence and for justice. Let us not become like those we see in their sick videos.

We are better than that and to travel in hate means that the extremists have won...prayer is now all we can do... "Love one another as I have loved you.."

Jesus wept at the death of a friend. Weeping is better than I pray.


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  1. Anyone who doubts the existence of evil should examine the declared aims and vicious barbaric behaviour of this bunch of so-called Muslim extremists.
    The Muslim faith preaches compassion and love not hatred and violence.
    It appears that any appeal to their humanity is heard by closed ears, which would appear to leave little alternative if they are to be defeated, and defeated they must be
    My hope on which all my prayers are centred is that the shock-waves of revulsion at this latest horror will cause a united, world-wide reaction.
    United we can defeat them. Please God.