Friday, 24 October 2014

Personal harvest!

All is safely gathered in, free from sorrow, free from sin.

These words are ringing through my head this morning and I am not sure why.

It's been busy all week, lots of callers and phone calls...but mostly there is relief that I am ready for the winter!

My heating is on...alleluia.

My new front door is in place. Yeah!

My car is fixed...ditto!

We have light in every room!

My diary is filling up nicely..

The garden, looking Autumnal is tidy with the summers tables and chairs safely stored till next year.

I've done the ironing, written half a sermon and the shopping is due to arrive this morning!

It's not quite my own personal harvest festival but it's close...

Small glimmers of happiness are growing daily...Interspersed with tears of sorrow and remembrance.

I am chatting to my children as well as my husband . There are radios in every room so that I can listen to Radio 4 as I go which dispels the empty silence enfolding me...

My conversations with God are no longer reproachful .

Taking up my new position as a single woman again is no longer a is a fact!

So be it Lord.


  1. Well done Jean. There is enormous satisfaction in 'ticking off' the outstanding chores/problems and starting our with what feels like a clean slate.
    Of course the sadness lurks in every corner, but not to have it in the centre of every room is an achievement.
    I'm so glad you are regaining your balance and finding small sources of joy in unexpected places.
    Blessings, love and prayersX

  2. I often read your blog Jean but don't comment. I would just like to say I am in awe of your stoicism and I wish you peace and happiness. Kind Regards Babs x

  3. Thank you Ray and Babs....that is very kind of you both....